Regina Maria Wagner, M.D.
Specialist for Plastic and Esthetic Surgery

Regina Maria Wagner, M.D.

Weidestraße 122a (6th floor)

22083 Hamburg

Telephone: (040) 27 80 60 - 11

Fax.: (040) 27 80 60 - 12



Centrally located and managed discretely

Welcome to the Clinic for Plastic and Esthetic Surgery of Regina Maria Wagner, M.D. The clinic is located in the center of Hamburg in the modern Alster City building. All consultations, preliminary examinations, and operations are performed there. Our broad range of treatment extends from the highly popular breast enlargement and breast reduction, as well as liposuction and abdominoplasty to female genital surgery.

Based on the individual diagnosis, the procedures range from the noninvasive wrinkle treatment with Botox and hyaluronic acid and laser therapy to classical scar corrective surgery, facelifts, and corrective eyelid surgery. Our patients can trust in our sound and highly-current medical knowledge. The use of state of the art surgical technology is also a given, such as specialized staff, external specialists (e.g. from anesthesiology) as well as a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere prior to and after the treatment. For postoperative care (up to 24 hours), you will have a recovery room as well as a patient room with its own facilities.

Regina Wagner, M.D. is a board member of the German Association for Esthetic Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC) and pursues the progress and development within plastic and cosmetic surgical medicine as a participant in interdisciplinary advanced training programs and medical congresses. Her professional knowledge ranges from medical basics, anesthesia, oral-maxillofacial surgery and trauma and reconstructive surgery to plastic surgery.


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